VBScript/BATCH Files and Pranks

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there are two types of programming that I will be discussing, both of which are easy to use but you will need knowledge of the programs, The easiest programming language that I know of is python, and the website can be found in the links page, the other type of programming is game programming, though game programming is very VERY complicated, that is why I will be using a program that is simple, but takes time to get used to, but its very powerful. This is called reality factory. it is also found in the links page.

both are somewhat diffucult but you can get used to them if you practice. Tinkernut will be the one that will be giving the tutorials for the programming, for it would take many, many pages for me to explain it, all programming resources should be located in the links page, NOTE tinkernut will be the one giving the tutorials for this and is found in the links page.


Web Programming (HTML, Java