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Backtrack 4, the most extensive penetration testing tool

Backtrack 4 is the most extensive, one of the best tool using a linux distribution pack, in other words. It takes windows xp/vista/windows 7  Macintosh etc. and turns it into a linux based Operating System (OS) without permanently changing your Current Operating system, if you want to understand what Linux Operating system is take a look into Ubuntu at www.ubuntu.com, thats what a linux based operating system basically looks like. Now backtrack 4 isn't something that you can just download and it'll run off of your computer. First thing is that its an .iso file and windows doesn't just manually recognize that kind of file, and also your going to need to download Bittorrent, its not brain science just go to www.bittorent.com and download it, also for backtrack 4 your going to need to have either a usb with 2gb or more or a CD with the same amount, specifically backtrack 4 runs better and more effectively off of a usb